North London bakery damaged in anti-semitic attack


Costa Coffee recalls chicken and bacon pasta salad over fears it could trigger deadly allergies

COSTA Coffee shoppers should check if they’ve picked up a chicken and bacon pasta salad as the menu item has been recalled over allergy concerns. The popular lunchtime dish contains fish, milk, and mustard, which are not mentioned on the label. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy […]

Wheelchair-users underserved by theatres’ online booking options – report

Wheelchair users are being seriously underserved when it comes to booking theatre tickets online, according to new data. Recent figures from ticketing

Farewell to Edinburgh-based Normandy D-Day veteran - one of Scotland’s last

The life of one of Scotland’s last D-Day veterans was celebrated yesterday as civic dignitaries, former comrades, and schoolchildren gathered with friends and family to pay their final respects.

US investigating possible Assad chemical attack in Syria

State department says it will respond ‘quickly and appropriately’ if claims proven The US says it has seen signs the Syrian government may again be using chemical weapons in its attritional offensive to recapture the last rebel-held pocket of the country, warning the use of any such weapons would incur retaliatory measures from Washington and its allies. The alleged attack occurred on Sunday on the border of Idlib province, where in recent weeks the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has stepped up an air and ground campaign that has killed at least 150 people and displaced more than 200,000 from their homes. Continue reading...

Owners of new Brick Lane pub the Buxton: 'I'd hate for anyone to look at this and think it's not for them'

"Opening a pub is amazing — but never in the way you think it`s going to be at first," says Gareth Roberts, co-founder of the Culpeper in Aldgate, staring contentedly up at his latest project, the Buxton. "It`s been three laborious years," says his business partner Nico Treguer, standing beside him. "Like having a very slow, painful baby."

The young sun spun slowly, which could explain why we are here

The makeup of the moon shows that the young sun rotated slower than other similar stars, leaving the early solar system relatively calm so life could arise

Far-Right Propaganda Floods Facebook Ahead of EU Elections

Fake accounts spread white-nationalist messages and amassed larger followings than actual far-right parties before being taken down, according to a new report.

Everything We Know About The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake

It makes sense that Square Enix has kept their Final Fantasy VII reimagining tightly under wraps. But with the recent “State Of Play” teaser trailer and a few key leaks, we’re finally hearing some details about this highly anticipated remake. Here’s what we know so far about the Final Fantasy VII remake. Read more...

How Long Will the Dragon Wait? China and the Retrocession of Taiwan

The intent of China gaining Taiwan is a sacrosanct part of politico-policy and therefore China will retain its ‘total war’ attitude to the crisis. 

Self-Appointed Defenders Of “Fortress Europe”: Analyzing Bulgarian Border Patrols

The peak of the migration crisis in Europe might be over, but it has provided lasting excuses for paramilitary proto-militias to continue to mobilize support in Bulgaria. Via their “defense of the European fortress” from a new “Islamic conquest,” they provide a platform for both overt and covert international cooperation between leading figures of the... The post Self-Appointed Defenders Of “Fortress Europe”: Analyzing Bulgarian Border Patrols appeared first on bellingcat .

President Zelensky has appointed Ivan Bakanov as acting chief of Security Service of Ukraine

President Zelensky has appointed Ivan Bakanov as acting chief of Security Service of Ukraine

Marks and Spencer announces 10% fall in profits 

The UK High Street giant is to shut another 110 stores during its `difficult turnaround` and added its underlying pre-tax profits were 9.9 down in the year to March.

FTSE LIVE: Pound slips further as Tories close in on removal of May

The pound has slipped further under $1.27 as the Tories step up efforts to remove Theresa May from office after her last throw of the Brexit dice was roundly dismissed as a non-starter.

Facial recognition bans: What’s next in Oakland, at Amazon and more

Efforts to rein in government use of facial recognition have a big couple of weeks ahead, days after San Francisco approved a first-of-its-kind ban on use of the technology by police and other city agencies. Across the bay, Oakland is expected to consider a similar ban for the city’s agencies, possibly next week. Up north, … Read more

“A much older man being creepy”: Natalie Portman denies dating Moby

"I would have liked him or his publisher to reach out to fact check" Moby / Natalie Portman Natalie Portman has refuted claims made by Moby that the pair dated in the late ’90s. The actress, 37, has responded to an excerpt from the musician’s new memoir Then It Fell Apart in which the 53-year-old describes taking her for a drink and at a later time kissing her in Harvard University’s campus. But Portman […] The post “A much older man being creepy”: Natalie Portman denies dating Moby appeared first on NME .

[Ticker] Poll: Denmark set to double number of liberal MEPs

Danish voters are posed to send six MEPs into the liberal Alde group in the European parliament following elections on Sunday, (26 May), according to a survey from Epinion. Currently, there are three Danish members in the group from two pro-EU parties. The Danish People`s Party, set to join Matteo Salvini`s group, will lose one seat, while the Social Democrats will get four MEPs. Denmark elects 13 MEPs.

Send Flowers internationally on the Same Day

At FloraQueen we understand that sending out blossoms conveys a genuinely genuine message to somebody special. It could be an expression of love, love, health and wellness, joy as well as a whole lot extra. We additionally recognize, that with every shipment we make, a large amount of trust has actually been put in us […] The post Send Flowers internationally on the Same Day appeared first on Crazy Speed Tech .

Available help

If you’ve been affected by the issues raised in The Murder Of Charlene Downes, please see some helplines below. Suzy Lamplugh Trust: Working towards a safer society. We offer advice on personal safety & stalking. Missing People Missing People is a national organisation in the United Kingdom that offers assistance to people who run away […] The post Available help appeared first on Channel 5 .

The kinky sex moves you should explore with your partner – and the ones you should ALWAYS say no to 

Sexpert Tracey Cox unveils the 15 kinky sex moves that are safe and saucy to try with your partner, as well as those which are best avoided altogether like breath play and `extreme` BDSM

UK inflation driven up by `brutal` energy bills, as pound slides - business live

Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, including the latest on the US-China trade war and new UK inflation figures Inflation jumps to 2.1% Energy costs surged after price cap lifted Pound hit by Brexit crisis US considers blacklisting Hikvision 10.25am BST This jump in inflation to 2.1% means that real wage growth in the UK has slowed. Average earnings rose by 3.3% in the 12 months to March, which means real wages are only up by 1.2% “With progress on Brexit completely paralysed, rising inflation poses a challenge for Carney. As prices creep up above 2% target, the improvements in wages seen earlier in the year are being cancelled out. Uncertainty persists around the UK’s future relationship with the EU and the US trade war with China shows little sign of abating. 10.10am BST The message from today’s inflation report is clear -- consider changing your energy provider now! Peter Earl, head of energy at , says households on standard energy tariffs have suffered “brutal” increases since Ofgem lifted the price cap three months ago. The new price cap level that came into force on 1 st of April saw those customers face an average annual price rise of £117, a hefty 10% increase, which all of the Big Six energy companies were quick to implement. Rather than preventing energy companies from repeatedly upping the cost of energy, the price cap looks to have done the opposite. Many customers have already switched to a more competitive fixed price tariff but, for the millions that remain, we strongly recommend shopping around to ensure they are on the best deal possible as this will help to minimise their household bill inflation.” Continue reading...

4 ‘Pet Foolery’ Comics That Show The Difference Between Prehistoric And Current Cats

We all know how much the Ancient Egyptians loved their cats; it`s somehow comforting to know that even 5000 years ago people were making and sharing cat pics with each other. But were those cats the same as the felines that we share our lives with today?

HQ Trivia`s Last-Ditch Attempt to Win You Back Is More Cash Prizes—With Strings Attached

Those who still play HQ Trivia and plan to tune in for Season 4 may have more chances to win some of that sweet free cash. But there’s a catch. (Isn’t there always?) Read more...

Isaac Hempstead Wright defends the `Game of Thrones` finale and his character`s arc: `I am thrilled with the way the show ends`

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images Warning: Spoilers ahead for HBO`s   "Game of Thrones" season eight, episode six, "The Iron Throne." Isaac Hempstead Wright , who plays Bran Stark, recently defended the show`s controversial finale in a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter . Hempstead Wright said the final season has been " dramatic and unexpected," but that Bran Stark`s ascension to the metaphorical Iron Throne was "extraordinary." "As for me, I am thrilled with the way the show ends," he wrote. " Bran becoming king is a victory for the still and considered people of this world, who too often get sidelined by the commotion of those who are louder and more reactionary." Visit INSIDER`s homepage for more stories . "Game of Thrones" star Isaac Hempstead Wright recently defended the show`s controversial finale in a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter . On Sunday`s climactic series-ender, "The Iron Throne," Hempstead Wright`s character is chosen to ascend to the metaphorical Iron Throne. He`s now officially known as Brandon of the House Stark, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. See the rest of the story at Business Insider NOW WATCH: Nxivm founder Keith Raniere began his trial. Here`s what happened inside the alleged sex-slave ring that recruited actresses and two billionaire heiresses. See Also: Sophie Turner shared a behind-the-scenes photo with her `Game of Thrones` siblings, and it`ll make you love the Stark family even more The `Game of Thrones` cast bids farewell to the show in an emotional goodbye video Every new change in the `Game of Thrones` opening credits you might have missed

Deferred sentence for Brackley man who stalked ex-girlfriend and threatened to sell intimate pictures after break-up

A Brackley stalker who sent "hundreds of emails" to a former partner in which he threatened to post intimate pictures of her on the internet has been told to "keep out of trouble" after a judge deferred his sentence for four months.

North London bakery damaged in anti-semitic attack

To the local bagel bakery in North London. The message on the window – scratched in by an amateur sign writer – declares “RICH JEWS”. I’ve heard this slight first hand. I believe it’s called a trope. My Sephardic ancestors worked hard and behaved themselves. “Our race can do anything but fail,” wrote one of the hynmed Montefiore family to Benjamin Disraeli. I’d add, “but try not to be too successful. Try to be invisible.” I’ve heard the anti-Semitism first hand over the last few years. Someone I thought I knew and who I thought knew me declared without batting an eye “All Jews are rich”. Another hissed “Zionists” like gas escaping as I sat down in a pub. And, yep, that bastard was sat on the same table as me with mutual friends. And, no, not all the mutual pals called him out. You live and learn. One of my children was told by a classmate that Jews were not allowed to play. That Jews were not allowed to her house. Rare events. But all in past few years. When put together they chill the blood. These are worrying times…