Black Hole Photo Used Supercomputers and Cloud Computing To Prove Einstein Right


Sri Lanka Suicide Bombings Targeting Christians Kill Hundreds

The bombings shattered the relative calm of the once war-ravaged island nation amid a rise of religious extremism in South Asia

Pan takes advantage of Johnson’s meltdown at Harbour Town

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) — C.T. Pan took advantage of Dustin Johnson’s back-nine meltdown to win the RBC Heritage for his first PGA Tour victory. The 27-year-old Pan, from Taiwan, closed with a 4-under 67 on Sunday at Harbour Town Golf Links for a one-stroke victory over Matt Kuchar. Pan finished at 12-under 272. […]

From gluten-free to nonalcoholic, Colorado is positioned to be at forefront of beer’s next transformation

Colorado was a beer state since before it was a state. Adolph Coors and partner Jacob Schueler opened what was then the Golden Brewery in 1873, three years before Colorado achieved statehood. A century later,...

Black Hole Photo Used Supercomputers and Cloud Computing To Prove Einstein Right

An anonymous reader quotes The Next Web: As stunning and ground-breaking as it is, the EHT project is not just about taking on a challenge. It`s an unprecedented test of whether Einstein`s ideas about the very nature of space and time hold up in extreme circumstances, and looks closer than ever before at the role of black holes in the universe. To cut a long story short: Einstein was right.... His general theory of relativity has passed two serious tests from the universe`s most extreme conditions in the last few years. Here, Einstein`s theory predicted the observations from M87 with unerring accuracy, and is seemingly the correct description of the nature of space, time, and gravity. The measurements of the speeds of matter around the center of the black hole are consistent with being near the speed of light. The advanced computing research center at the University of Texas at Austin says the data for the photo "was collected during a 2017 global campaign, after decades of scientific, engineering, and computational research and preparation." And their own facility played a role in the finished photo, according to an article shared by aarondubrow: Helping to lay the groundwork for the black hole imaging, and providing the theoretical underpinnings that enabled the researchers to interpret the mass, underlying structure, and orientations of the black hole and its environment, were supercomputers at The University of Texas at Austin`s Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) -- Stampede1, Stampede2 and Jetstream -- all three of which were supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), which also provided key funding for the EHT... "We are doing finite difference, three-dimensional simulations with not just gas dynamics, but also magnetic fields," said Harvard University professor and EHT researcher Ramesh Narayan. "That includes radiation and what is called two-temperature physics in a general relativistic framework. For these, we really do need the TACC`s Stampede system with lots of cores and lots of hours.... The simulations are computationally very expensive and supercomputers are definitely needed...." Alongside the simulation and modeling effort, another group of researchers from the University of Arizona (UA) were using Jetstream -- a large-scale cloud environment for research located both at TACC and Indiana University -- to develop cloud-based data analysis pipelines that proved crucial for combining huge amounts of data taken from the geographically-distributed observatories, and sharing the data with researchers around the world. "New technologies such as cloud computing are essential to support international collaborations like this," said Chi-kwan Chan, leader of the EHT Computations and Software Working Group and an assistant astronomer at UA. "The production run was actually carried out on Google Cloud, but much of the early development was on Jetstream. Without Jetstream, it is unclear that we would have a cloud-based pipeline at all." Read more of this story at Slashdot.

John Legend Dresses Up as Easter Bunny to the Delight of Chrissy Teigen

Kanye West isn`t the only guy putting on an Easter Sunday show ... and John Legend`s giving him a run for his money. Chrissy Teigen just shared some very amusing videos of her husband getting in an Easter Bunny costume ... then hopping and running…

Fighting for Social Equity to Aid Those Most Hurt by the War on Drugs

Equity in the cannabis industry for communities impacted the hardest by the drug war is a major topic across the country, while locally qualified Los Angeles equity applicants work their way into the conversation and a rollout that has faced similar challenges to other model programs in California.

Interjöör 2019

Intera osaleb Interjöör 2019 messil, leia meid kolmel päeval Eesti Näituste messikeskuse C-hallist: - Reedel, 19.04 kell 11.00 – 18.00 - Laupäeval, 20.04 kell 10.00 – 18.00 - Pühapäeval, 21.04 kell 10.00 – 16.00

Gordon Hayward enjoys Easter win at home

INDIANAPOLIS – The randomness of the schedule worked for Gordon Hayward Sunday. He got to celebrate Easter with wife Robyn and their three daughters in his home state. Hayward gave the girls chocolate bunnies in the morning, and while everyone else struggled to find a good shot, the Celtics forward turned in his best performance […]

Avalanche moving on in playoffs for 1st time since 2008

DENVER | The brief message on social media from Colorado defenseman Nikita Zadorov was rhetorical in nature: “How is your bracket ?” Because obviously, it’s pretty messy. The eighth-seeded Avalanche certainly played a big role in that. Colorado knocked off the Calgary Flames — the top team in the West — in five games for […] The post Avalanche moving on in playoffs for 1st time since 2008 appeared first on Sentinel Colorado .

After an Easter terror attack, Sri Lanka cut access to social media

Sri Lanka restricted access to social media following a terror attack that left more than 200 people dead and at least 450 injured. Eight bombs exploded in three churches and three luxury hotels on Easter Sunday.  According to The New York Times , restricted sites include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and YouTube.  "This was a unilateral decision," presidential adviser Harindra Dassanayake told the Times, explaining officials worried that the spread of misinformation and hate speech could incite violence. The move isn`t a first for the country — in 2018, Sri Lankan officials blocked access to social media when viral posts on Facebook called for violent attacks against Muslim communities, provoking riots The New York Times report notes that Facebook did not respond to the government`s request for better content moderation until it cut off the social network entirely.  Read more... More about Facebook , Whatsapp , Misinformation , Sri Lanka , and Tech

Watch the Intense New Trailer For Martial Arts Epic `Shadow`

Zhang Yimou is one of China`s most revered directors, and it`s no wonder—he has created some truly great work with a distinctive style that often easily translates to international ticket sales. His name really spread among western moviegoers, however, when he cast Matt Damon in his The Great Wall, ...

Amid Trump’s Attacks, Planned Parenthood Broadens Health Care Focus

Providence, R.I. — The Trump administration is pushing ahead with its reproductive health agenda. It has rolled out changes to the Title X program, which funds family planning services for low-income people, that are designed to have a chilling effect on organizations that provide abortions or include this option in counseling. It also has nominated […] The post Amid Trump’s Attacks, Planned Parenthood Broadens Health Care Focus appeared first on RINF Alternative News & Media, Real Independent News & Film .

New Creation Church offers eggs-actly what Craig families want for Easter

The 26,000 plastic eggs that blanketed the lawn of New Creation Church of Craig didn`t last long, but the quick clean-up of the holiday goodies only showed the level of excitement present Saturday morning.

C’mon Get Happy Hour, with the HHap

BY PETER MOORE MY YOGA CLASS ENDS WITH THE CORPSE POSE. Morbid, right? But as I feigned death at the conclusion of my Slow Flow Hatha yoga class at the Aztlan Center, I was thinking [...] The post C’mon Get Happy Hour, with the HHap appeared first on North Forty News .

Councilmembers: $42,000 needed to help those near homelessness

Last Jan. 22, Colorado Springs City Council debated and almost enacted an ordinance to prohibit the parking of recreational vehicles on all city streets for longer than it takes to load and unload. One area of concern was the vacant downtown block at Sierra Madre Street and Moreno Avenue near the under-construction Olympic Museum. There […] This content is only available to members of the CSBJ. To gain access, you`ll need to sign in or purchase Digital , Silver Membership , Print & Digital , Print, Digital and The Transcript or Digital Monthly If you`re already a member, sign in here. The post Councilmembers: $42,000 needed to help those near homelessness appeared first on The Colorado Springs Business Journal .


Dear Dan: When I first started dating my girlfriend, I asked her about past boyfriends and she said she hadn’t met the right guy yet. After dating for nine years, I found out about a past boyfriend and looked through her e-mails. I found out she dated her married boss for three years. She broke […] The post Workmates appeared first on Boulder Weekly .

Car catches fire off Hwy 101 in Arroyo Grande

Several residents reported seeing heavy smoke billowing from Highway 101. The post Car catches fire off Hwy 101 in Arroyo Grande appeared first on .

Jon Gray’s stellar performance lifts Rockies to home series win over Phillies

All of the self-examination, soul-searching, weight lifting and confidence building Jon Gray devoted himself to during the offseason is reaping rewards now.

Game of Thrones, season 8: All the Westeros drama, in photos - CNET

Joyous moments interspersed with complete bloody terror. Yep, that`s how it goes in Westeros.

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 93rd birthday on Easter Sunday

The queen is marking Easter by attending a service with other senior royals at St. George`s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Cartier: Abuse of power

With this week’s release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, both sides of the political spectrum are claiming victory. Yet, it is the American people who lost. Two years of investigation, at an estimated cost...

Cayton: Politics lends itself to storytelling pictures

On April 16, I photographed the swearing-in ceremony for Mayor John Suthers and three at-large City Council members. With politics comes pageantry and such was the case with the ceremony at the Pioneers Museum.…

High performance solid-state sodium-ion battery

Solid-state sodium-ion batteries are far safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries, which pose a risk of fire and explosions, but their performance has been too weak to offset the safety advantages. Researchers have now reported developing an organic cathode that dramatically improves both stability and energy density.